Sydenham Clinic is your private family office


Helping you preserve, protect, and potentiate your most valuable asset — your health.

As a leading provider of bespoke medical services, we leverage data analytics, cutting edge science, and integrative medical practices to develop custom-tailored medical solutions with a uniquely resourced focus on prevention, precision medicine, and best-in-class global medical access.

 Genomics Led Primary Care

You will have access to our medical care providers 24/7. Further, we will arrange consultations at our Clinic that fit in with your schedule. Whether it be an after-hours emergency or hospital visit , our team will there to coordinate and monitor your care. Home visits are available, if necessary.



We conduct baseline and diagnostic testing including detailed genomic and hormonal analysis. This allows for a more accurate and comprehensive assessment, thereby enabling our team to design a personalized plan for prevention and management of chronic conditions using the most cutting-edge resources available.



There is robust evidence that simple dietary changes based on a functional clinical approach can help reverse chronic disease and bolster longevity. Using scientific data to identify nutritional deficiencies and unique metabolic make-up in accordance with your genome, microbiome, and pathology, our integrative nutritionist will recommend foods specific to each member that can treat the root cause of common ailments including low energy and cognitive decline.

Record Management

As your family office for health it’s important that your medical data is accessible to your Primary-care Physician.


Your health records will be consolidated, transcribed, and securely maintained by a centralized team that you can access at any time to give you the peace of mind you deserve

Specialist Coordination

Through our exclusive arrangement with Texas Medical Concierge, we provide global care coordination. Since 2013, TMC has built a network of the world’s most renowned medical experts and global centers of excellence, to ensure each member is provided access to the top medical institutions and specialists.



Wherever in the world you may be and no matter the time, we will assist you in coordinating your care. Services include air ambulance medical transport, or if appropriate, commercial airline transport with medical escort back home, if traveling 150 miles outside of your home residence domestically or internationally. The medivac membership is extended complimentary to a designated primary member, a named spouse or partner, and up to five dependent children under the age of 26.