Aanchal Bhatia describes herself as an entrepreneur by profession, psychologist by education and a patient advocate by passion. Aanchal is also CEO of Texas Medical Concierge, a global private health management company with established ties to the top medical institutions around the world, and in conjunction with that organization, she works diligently to provide clients with access to cutting-edge concierge care, private health management and personalized medicine. Much of what Sydenham has to offer echoes principals found in Bhatia’s book, “Your Doctor Is Not God: How to Be the CEO of Your Own Health,” a self-help chronicle of her own findings about modern medicine.

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Joining Sydenham Clinic’s founding board is Houston native Despo Papafote Caldwell, a business operator with more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She is co-founder and managing partner of a medical imaging business that started as a single facility with $2 million in annual revenue, and she expanded that into $50 million in annual revenue while managing over 300 employees across multiple states. The mission at Sydenham is a personal one for her. Despo experienced the bureaucracy and red tape of the modern healthcare industry firsthand while seeking treatment for her mother, finding several hurdles to obtaining proper testing and personal attention to her health issue. Now, she is helping Sydenham’s clientele avoid those roadblocks, and she is putting her skills to work to help ensure them the best health experience possible.

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A certified Medical Assistant, Kenya Tijerina has dedicated her career to providing skilled and compassionate care to patients while expertly managing office management functions for medical groups. Prior to joining the Sydenham Clinic team, she held longtime positions with a Memorial area family practice and a prominent Houston fertility center. 

She is fluent in Spanish. 

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Finding wellness through the power of food, balanced with good sleep, daily movement, stress reduction and meaningful relationships, registered dietitian and nutritionist Shana Tatum deeply believes optimal wellness and vitality can be realized. She tests clients for potential nutrient deficiencies in order to develop a targeted plan to achieve their health goals at Sydenham Clinic. Through this health-centered approach, Shana’s goal is to empower clients to step into and find their own healthy balance. Here at Sydenham Clinic, she is committed to providing first-class nutritional coaching and one-on-one meal planning to reach each client’s health objectives and dietary needs. She is especially interested in the relationship between mental health and the influences of diet and lifestyle as a means to find solutions to restore balance and prevent further cognitive decline.


Dr. Terry Rice, a physician and educator with more than 35 years of experience, serves as medical director at Sydenham Clinic. Dr. Rice specializes in Internal Medicine and prior to her role with Sydenham, she held key leadership roles as Medical Director at MD Anderson Emergency Center, Deputy Director of Ben Taub General Hospital Emergency Department and as Delta Airlines’ Medical Director of Concourse Health. As part of the clinic’s mission to use the most recent innovations in precision medicine, she integrates detailed and cutting-edge genomics with hormonal and nutritional data to design a personalized approach for each patient to help them achieve their unique health and wellness goals. Dr. Rice has speciality training in hormonal replacement therapy, weight loss and cognitive decline with specific interests in Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and the aging process. She has specialist training in hormonal replace theory through A4M. She also has a significant amount of experience in both men and women using different hormonal modalities. Dr. Rice had additional training through both the genomics of Alzheimer’s disease and application of Dale Bredesen protocol and treats patients for both prevention and reversal of mild cognitive decline. She has experience in reversing many of the manifestations of obesity such as metabolic syndrome and has had significant success in utilizing functional nutrition and medications for weight loss therapy. 


Dr. Nashat Latib, DO FACEP IFMCP has 20+ years of clinical experience and is one of only 960 Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Physicians in the world.  She's also certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, and has specialty training in hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, and, of course, natural fertility.  Dr. Latib is passionate about health, wellness, and preventive medicine, and has witnessed first-hand the need for a more comprehensive approach to healthcare. Her practice philosophy employs the benefits of traditional medicine while also embracing its limitations using a functional approach to both prevent and reverse disease. Prior to joining the team at Sydenham, Dr. Latib served in multiple leadership roles including Director of the Emergency Department network at North Cypress Medical Center, Medical Director at Signature Care ER, Medical Director of Concentra Medical Center, and has served as an expert panelist for the Texas Medical Board for the past 12 years.  She also co-founded DEFINE Health which has enabled her to achieve powerful transformations for her patients in both an individual and group setting. She believes that a personalized approach to medicine combining the power of genetics, lifestyle, nutrition is the secret to achieving optimal health and aging vibrantly. 


Ashley Koehler FNP-C comes to the Sydenham Clinic team with extraordinary qualifications to assist our doctors and create even more healthcare value to our members. 
She has seven years of experience working at both Houston Methodist and MD Anderson Cancer Center, and has earned her license as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) from the Texas Board of Nursing. Ashley has also gained her certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). As a FNP, she is trained to care for all age groups throughout the lifespan in the outpatient setting. 


Emily has been passionate about health and fitness her entire life. Having a long standing career in sales and customer service, she prides herself in cultivating meaningful, professional relationships. Being a big believer in cutting edge medicine, along with all things wellness and nutrition, she is eager to educate Houston on what we do here at Sydenham Clinic.