Your Health is Your Most Valuable Asset

 Primary Care

24/7 access to our medical care providers. Further, we will arrange consultations at our Clinic that fit your schedule. Whether it be an after-hours emergency or hospital stay, our team will be coordinating and monitoring your care.

Specialist Coordination
Through our exclusive arrangement with Texas Medial Concierge, we have built a network of the world’s most renowned medical experts to ensure each member is provided access to the top medical institutions and specialists for appointments and second opinions.

Executive Physical
A detailed executive health screening helps you identify any symptoms or signs of disease. The physical exam includes an extensive medical history interview to ascertain any high-risk conditions and to evaluate recent surgeries or existing medical conditions.

Nutritional Guidance

Our lifestyle medicine approach focus on nutrition as a cornerstone. Your physician will guide you on nutrition and lifestyle changes in line with your health goals. Our aim is to keep you healthy and performing at your best.


Access to your personal physician.

Never before have we been forced to see the irreplaceable value of our health as we have seen in the present time. In moments of emergency, overwhelmed public health infrastructure, scarce medical resources, and conflicting information having a trusted and accessible private physician is critical.

*Private MD Membership is available to Family Members of a Concierge Member.