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Aanchal Bhatia

Founder⎮ CEO

Aanchal Bhatia describes herself as an entrepreneur by profession, psychologist by education and a social change agent by passion. Aanchal is also President of Texas Medical Concierge, a global healthcare navigation firm and the majority shareholder in Sydenham Clinic. In conjunction with the firm, she works diligently to provide Sydenham’s clients with access to cutting-edge concierge care, private health management and personalized medicine. Much of what Sydenham has to offer echoes the work of Thomas Sydenham, the father of modern medicine, and principals found in Bhatia’s book, “Your Doctor Is Not God: How to Be the CEO of Your Own Health,” a self-help chronicle of her own findings about modern medicine. She has a strong sense of purpose to empower people with informed healthcare choices, and she draws upon her knowledge in the ancient wisdoms of the East, as well as her interest in the latest healthcare trends and technology. 

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Dr. Terry Rice

Medical Director

Dr. Terry Rice, a physician and educator with more than 30 years of experience, serves as the Medical Director at Sydenham Clinic. Dr. Rice specializes in internal medicine and prior to her role with Sydenham, she held key leadership roles as Medical Director and Associate Professor at MD Anderson Emergency Center, Deputy Director of Ben Taub General Hospital Emergency Department and Delta Airlines’ Medical Director of Concourse Health. 


As part of the clinic’s mission to redefine concierge care with the most recent innovations in precision medicine, she integrates detailed and cutting-edge genomics with hormonal and nutritional data to design a personalized approach for each patient to help them achieve their individual health and wellness goals. Dr. Rice graduated magna cum laude from the University of Louisville School of Medicine and received postgraduate training at the University of Edinburgh School of Medicine in Scotland. She completed her residency at Emory University.


Dr. Chloe

Dog Ambassador

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Kenya Tijerina

Office Manager 

A certified Medical Assistant, Kenya Tijerina has dedicated her career to providing skilled and compassionate care to patients while expertly managing office management functions for medical groups. Prior to joining Sydenham Clinic team, she held longtime positions with a Memorial area family practice and a prominent Houston fertility center. She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. 

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Elisa Sosa

Membership Director 

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Dr. Ritsuko Komaki

Philanthropy Director 

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Despo Papafote Caldwell

Managing Pincipal

Joining Sydenham Clinic’s founding board is Houston native Despo Papafote Caldwell, current CFO of Texas Medical Concierge and a business operator with more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She is co-founder and managing partner of a medical imaging business that started as a single facility with $2 million in annual revenue, and she expanded that into $50 million in annual revenue while managing over 300 employees across multiple states. The mission at Sydenham is a personal one for her. Despo experienced the bureaucracy and red tape of the modern healthcare industry firsthand while seeking treatment for her mother, finding several hurdles to obtaining proper testing and personal attention to her health issue. Now, she is helping Sydenham’s clientele avoid those same roadblocks, and she is putting her skills to work as she helps ensure them the best health experience possible.

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Monica Pope

Culinary Director

James Beard Award nominated chef and culinary pioneer Monica Pope has taken a holistic, farm-to-table approach to Sydenham Clinic’s food and beverage program. A revolutionary in Houston's dining scene, Pope brings her core philosophy of connecting local farmers and clients through interactive cooking classes, communal table dining and one-on-one meal prep curated for each individual and their dietary needs. By combining high-quality, local and organic ingredients, Pope elevates the menu offerings to create a wholesome, health-focused sanctuary. The program is committed to providing nourishing and nutrient-dense meals, free of GMOs, pesticides, artificial sweeteners and added hormones.

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Shaheed Kajani

Co-Founder⎮ Managing Principal

Shaheed has 20 years of experience in the global real estate and hospitality sectors, helping manage over $1.5 billion in private equity investments across the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. Leveraging his experience in luxury hotels and Class A real estate, he has established 5-star hospitality aesthetics and service standards at Sydenham Clinic to ensure that clients receive exceptional experiences and uncompromised care. Shaheed received a BA in Economics from Brown University and a MS in International Relations from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.

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Casey Barbels

Integrative Nutritionist

Through a combination of modern and holistic approaches, nutritionist Casey Barbles specializes in evaluating the genetic, environmental, and nutritional factors that contribute to overall health and disease. After battling with her own chronic illnesses, she is now driven to teach and inspired to connect with clients, so they can also find power over their health, energy and well-being. Casey is a firm believer that no single diet is right for everyone and that helping patients better understand the complexities of their bodies is the foundation of long-lasting dietary habits and positive lifestyle changes. Here at Sydenham Clinic, she is committed to providing first-class nutritional coaching and support to reach clients’ goals and objectives.